Gemstone Rings

Gemstone rings are the perfect gift for birthdays chosen for the gemstone that represents the birth month.  The American Gem Society designated gemstones to represent birth months in 1912 and we generally still use these today. However, we feel you should chose your favorite gemstone as your special gem.

They are also perfect gifts year round for Christmas, Valentines Day, Mother's Day and for brides and bridesmaids' gifts.  Many of our gemstone and diamond necklaces have matching earrings so that you can create a coordinated look.

Consider a Gemstone Ring for your Engagement Ring! 

Most of our Gemstones are "Lab Created" also called "synthetic."  The advantages of these stones are that they are not mined, but created in a laboratory, have all the characteristic of natural stones and are much more reasonably priced. 

Care should always be taken with fine jewelry and gemstones so that the finish is not damaged or the stone dulled.  Please read more about the care and cleaning of fine jewelry.

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