Sapphire: Celestial Stones

These mysterious gems have captivated countless cultures and generated much folk lore around the world. The word “sapphire” originates from the Greek sappheiros, meaning “precious stone.”

Ancient Persians called sapphires the “Celestial Stone, while the French of the 13th century believed these beautiful stones transformed stupidity to wisdom, and irritability to good temper!

Some of the most famous sapphires are possessed by royalty most notable perhaps, Princess Diana’s 12 carat oval sapphire engagement ring from Princes Charles, now donned by Kate Middleton Duchess of Sussex.

Our September Birthstone Jewelry is designed with Sapphires created in a lab and designed to mimic the Earth’s centuries long process, each stone identical in molecular composition to mine extracted gems. Lab grown stones are real, genuine gemstone and are a wonderful choice for the ecologically minded individual. And of course, lab created gemstones are much more economical than natural stones.