Peridot: Gem of the Sun

Peridot: Gem of the Sun

These mysterious gems enthralled the ancient Romans with their steady and distinctive lime-green color, even dubbing it the “Emerald of the Evening.” They captivated ancient Egyptians who believed Peridot to bring love, foster friendship and happiness, even designating it as the “ Gem of The Sun.” The presence of iron creates the vibrant and elegant hue of this August Birthstone which even became the subject of Hawaiian legend. The presence of Peridot in volcanic ash was once believed to be the tears of Pele, a goddess of fire and volcano who was banished from home, leaving her to sail the earth.

Thought to symbolize strength, Peridot jewelry make the gift for that special Leo celebrating their August Birthday.

Our August Birthstone Jewelry is fabricated with Natural Peridot stones and are stunning set in either Sterling Silver or Yellow Gold.

For all your special occasions –Christmas or Valentine’s Day, Wedding Anniversary or that perfect necklace for August birthday. Or maybe just because green is her favorite color! This beautiful Natural Peridot Necklace is the perfect gift!

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