Taking Care of Your Fine Jewelry

Congratulation on the Purchase of Your New Jewelry!

We want you to enjoy your fine jewelry purchase for many years to come and so have some suggestions to take care of your jewelry.


All of our Sterling Silver Jewelry is Rhodium Plated, a precious and very expensive metal.  Rhodium plating on silver jewelry serves two very important purposes:  First, it give the item a very high polish look and Secondly, it helps to retard oxidation which causes the silver to tarnish.

Because of this Rhodium Plating, DO NOT USE SILVER CLEANERS to clean your jewelry as it will damage the finish!  

We recommend cleaning with mild soapy water and buffing gently with a soft cloth. 



Lab Created Stones are a fraction of the price of Natural Stones, but as they have been grown in a laboratory they have all the qualities of a natural stone.  Lab Created stones as Emeralds, Rubies, etc. - like their Natural counterparts - are not as hard as diamonds and therefore require that you be more gentle in their cleaning.

We recommend cleaning with mild soapy water and buffing gently with a soft cloth.

Avoid chemicals and household cleansers as they are too abrasive and can dull the stones.  Special care should be taken with rings as they receive the most daily work. It is always better to avoid certain products rather than try to clean it off the ring later.



Cleansers:  dishwashing detergent, scouring powder, ammonia, any other cleansers. The soap scum that created a bath tub ring will be what you see on your gemstone

Hair Products: dyes, shampoos, rinses, hair spray.

Chlorine in pools, perfume.

Jewelry Cleaners:  Always avoid silver cleaners of any kind; be very cautious with commercial jewelry cleaners as many contain products that are too harsh. 



Do not wear your jewelry when cleaning, gardening or bathing.  Clean it gently with mild soapy water and buff gently with a soft cloth.



These three very popular stones, whether natural or lab created, should not be cleaned in a sonic cleaner.